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Quinta Real Events Center Services
At Quinta Real Events Center, we  provide our clients a personalized experience for their unique needs. We are available to book your next celebration wether it be a wedding, anniversary, graduation you name it! We will provide you with anything and everything you need to make your dream event a reality.
If you have any question concerning packages or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help you find the best package for you.
Our great packages will take care of all your needs from the dinner to the cake to the snacks and beverages in the comfort of our gated quinta. Enjoy the comfort of a well lit paved spacious parking lot under security surveillance. Dance the night away in our dance floor lit by  LED laser light. Show off your vocal cords singing with our kareoke mixes. Dip to your delight with our chocolate or chamoy fountains. 
And, of course, take advantage of our beautiful scenic landscaping and regal features such as our lake, gazebo and surrounding gardens to take pictures and make memories last a lifetime....

We try to strive for you to enjoy a stress-free atmosphere in which you will enjoy your party and let us do the catering and clean up.